Meaning of faceplate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfeɪspleɪt/


  • 1A plate protecting a piece of machinery, a light switch, or an electrical outlet.

    ‘Worldwide sales of faceplates - pieces of hard plastic that snap onto the front of cell phones - climbed to roughly $1.7 billion.’
    • ‘There is a thin aluminum plate behind the faceplates that you must wiggle back and forth to snap out, why they put those in there I am not sure.’
    • ‘Antec also tucked the drive rails on the metal plate behind the plastic faceplate so you'll always know where they are.’
    • ‘The first bit of fiddling involves bending the LED leads and fitting them into their little black housing cups which you have inserted into the holes in the faceplate.’
    • ‘Hold the router in position with the lower part of the faceplate flat against the newly laminated strip and the bit held just above the excess.’
    • ‘The only note here is that you will need a screwdriver to remove the faceplate.’
    • ‘I got out my handheld computer, which I found to only be useful for this sort of thing, and attached a few of the wires to key points on the back of the faceplate.’
    • ‘Hansen suggests the radio can fit into the faceplate itself, or be relocated to a drop-down headliner panel.’
    • ‘Based on computer modeling and lab testing, we have found that carbon faceplates with four bolts are much stronger.’
    • ‘The bay's faceplates are easily removed by depressing tabs on either side, allowing them to be pulled out.’
    • ‘Then a faceplate is attached with a welder for structural rigidity.’
    • ‘The telegraphs with their enamel faceplates remained bolted to the floors, and that's not something you often see on a shipwreck off Britain.’
    • ‘On the front of the case, we have a door that can open and close to hide any unsightly beige optical drive faceplates.’
    • ‘Is this common when carbon handlebars are mated with stems with four-bolt faceplates?’
    • ‘A faceplate according to the present invention is shown for covering an opening in a metal electrical equipment frame, such as a network router, which is inexpensive to produce and easy to install and remove.’
    • ‘Take a moment to gauge the temperature of the faceplates on your electrical outlets.’
    • ‘The elegant design features a breakthrough wireless controller and an array of Faces, interchangeable faceplates that let gamers personalize their console.’
    • ‘According to investigators, the oxygen controller case was ‘compromised by impact and the faceplate was contaminated.’’
    • ‘After four months of research, Engstrom's team decided to redesign cell-phone handsets and to create compatible taco-shaped faceplates dubbed ‘smart skins.’’
    • ‘In others, thin faceplates and backplates are bonded to ribbed support structures, in which the support units are made by the assembly of small rib parts or by bulk-material removal using abrasive water-jet machining.’
  • 2An enlarged end or attachment on the end of the mandrel on a lathe, with slots and holes on which work can be mounted.

    ‘It uses a swash plate design that imparts reciprocating motion via the inclination of a faceplate on a shaft relative to the axis of rotation.’
    • ‘To make a Drive Mandrel, start by mounting a wooden faceplate on your lathe.’
    • ‘Replace the faceplate on the lathe, spread some glue in the mortise and use the tail stock to clamp the mandrel in place.’
  • 3The transparent window of a diver's or astronaut's helmet.

    ‘He opened the cracked faceplate of the fallen astronaut and gazed in horror at what lay within.’
    • ‘If you saw a constant stream of gas coming from the faceplate of a diver you were assisting to the surface, what would you think?’
    • ‘She had a faceplate on her helmet, blocking most of her face from my view, but her eyes seemed familiar, even though they wore an angry guise.’
    • ‘There was a long pause and the image of the Captain's face projected on the faceplate of my helmet was thoughtful.’
    • ‘There was a huge pit in the faceplate of my helmet, almost over my left eye, and a stinging sensation from my left arm.’
    • ‘Yet it wasn't really a face at all, he dimly realized, but rather an incredibly elaborate helmet and faceplate crafted from dusty white bones and sharp metal studs.’
    • ‘The helmet / faceplate on its head had glowing, robotic eyes, which allowed the pilot to have a better view of the action.’
    • ‘Tarus smiled beneath the thick fiberglass faceplate of his helmet.’
    • ‘The clear helmet faceplate displayed simple details such as velocity, battery life, and mileage.’
    • ‘Quite what a flying jellyfish looks like as it impacts the faceplate of your snorkel mask is still a mystery to me, but they seemed to be enjoying it.’
    • ‘Her chest armour also bore a similar crest, as did her helmet, which was slender and white with a grey faceplate and mirrored black visor.’
    • ‘At that moment, a feeling tickled the back of his mind, and without thinking he slammed his faceplate down and dove for the airlock.’
    • ‘Hawke handed her a black crash helmet and touched a button, lowering a dark reflective faceplate.’
    • ‘One of the soldiers touched his faceplate to Jack's faceplate.’
    • ‘He was glad the suits' faceplates were opaque; he didn't want to see Charu's and Danielle's faces.’
    • ‘Drops of mercury rain ran down their faceplates as they all looked out across the cooled rocky terrain from the cave's mouth.’
    • ‘Suddenly a large piece of wood was pulled off of Griffin's faceplate revealing Haz wearing a badly torn hazard suit.’
  • 4The part of a cathode ray tube that carries the phosphor screen.

    ‘The faceplate portion has a screen to display an image, and the panel portion has a shadow mask installed therein.’
    • ‘An improved cathode-ray tube includes an envelope comprising a faceplate panel, a funnel and a neck.’
    • ‘The present invention relates to a substrate of a luminous face-plate of a colour projection cathode ray tube and the luminous face-plate which is composed of this substrate.’