Meaning of facetiousness in English:


Pronunciation /fəˈsiːʃəsnəs/


See facetious

‘Eclectic learning, pungent black humour sometimes degenerating into facetiousness, a stately but singular style, distinguish all his writing.’
  • ‘Though occasionally the humour degenerates into facetiousness, the verbal dexterity of the verse is superb.’
  • ‘This self-deprecating facetiousness characterizes much of Maddin's verbal patter and not only is it a testament to his prodigious wit, but it also demonstrates why he gets away with the things he does.’
  • ‘So he presents his arguments in what is often called a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ manner, but is more accurately described as facetiousness.’
  • ‘‘All right,’ I said in parting, with a voice dripping with facetiousness.’