Meaning of facial eczema in English:

facial eczema


mass nounNew Zealand
  • A fungal condition that affects sheep and other livestock.

    ‘they're looking to breed rams which are resistant to facial eczema’
    • ‘Zinc treatment from late December through to May is commonly used to help prevent facial eczema.’
    • ‘It is not always easy to detect facial eczema in its early stages.’
    • ‘With a bit of moisture around, they will also need to keep an eye on spore counts to manage the risk of facial eczema too. "’
    • ‘Sheep resilience is a key priority and the Fords have introduced Romney genetics to improve robustness and facial eczema tolerance.’
    • ‘Farmers would have to be on the lookout for diseases such as fly strike and facial eczema, spurred on by the humid conditions.’
    • ‘And after battling through a long, dry summer farmers are now having to cope with facial eczema outbreaks among their ewes.’
    • ‘Early pregnancy tests are occurring in the north and some facial eczema spores have been recorded and advisers suggest preventative measures should start early.’
    • ‘The intensive programme is paying off, with our rams ranking as the top five highest facial eczema resistant rams in the country.’
    • ‘Warmer temperatures and higher humidity are a sign that summer is finally here, but they also signal the potential for facial eczema.’
    • ‘We need to be so much more conscious these days because there are facial eczema hot spots all over the country.’