Meaning of facially in English:



See facial

‘As the Titles of Nobility Clause recognizes, the social message of facially discriminatory laws that separate some out as superiors and other as inferiors is a wrong that it is proper for the Constitution to forbid.’
  • ‘When I was 14, I discovered a club at school called Operation Smile, an organization that sponsors free surgery for facially deformed kids in developing countries.’
  • ‘Officers are now urgently trying to identify the victims, to protect them from further abuse, with the help of a special computer system, which facially maps them and adds them to a database to show whether they have been used elsewhere.’
  • ‘Dr Siemionow said the procedure could alter the life of severe burns victims and believes those who were facially disfigured should be allowed to weigh up the risks themselves.’
  • ‘The implicit appraisal of facially expressed emotional cues can take place with 2 milliseconds which is outside conscious awareness.’