Meaning of fact-check in English:



[with object]
  • Investigate (an issue) in order to verify the facts.

    ‘I didn't fact-check the assertions in the editorial’
    • ‘reporters can't be expected to fact-check every quotation’
    • ‘It's not the job of a paper to fact-check the utterance of every person quoted.’
    • ‘They would be asked to substantiate each claim, and there would be a jury of statisticians to fact-check whatever they said.’
    • ‘The folks there debunk and fact-check articles and speeches by prominent politicos and commentators from all corners of the political spectrum.’
    • ‘Once in a while, it's interesting to fact-check anecdotes.’
    • ‘How can you fact-check information from a personal or social website?’
    • ‘When we find a story that we disagree with we ruthlessly fact-check every statement in order to find weaknesses.’
    • ‘It would be nice if there were time and money to fact-check all our daily reporting, but there isn't.’
    • ‘If we had more time, we'd fact-check the whole speech.’
    • ‘They look at the facts and fact-check them.’
    • ‘Maybe someone should fact-check the email.’
    • ‘Did you fact-check that claim with the police department?’
    • ‘Most bloggers fail to fact-check.’
    • ‘I don't actually propose to fact-check the world's press, but I hope to provide links to some good corrections and perhaps to point out an error from time to time.’
    • ‘With the assistance of her high-speed Internet connection, she scans and fact-checks her suitor's resume.’
    • ‘On the Internet, nobody fact-checks, nobody goes to the source, and nobody discloses where they got their information from.’
    • ‘I love the speed at which incorrect stuff gets fact-checked online!’
    • ‘When you write for The New Yorker every aspect of your story is fact-checked.’
    • ‘Members of the new media dove in and began fact-checking the accusations, leading to yet more questions and contradictions.’
    • ‘Are they a powerful mechanism for fact-checking the mainstream media or a new form of vigilante justice?’
    • ‘Are the media fact-checking both candidates with equal fervor?’