Meaning of fact file in English:

fact file


  • A collection of information about a particular subject or product.

    ‘read the fact file on boa constrictors on page 8’
    • ‘It's fully-loaded with an encyclopaedic fact file on ammunition utilised.’
    • ‘They create a fact file for a coastal animal, focusing on what it would need to survive.’
    • ‘Investigate the economic and political structure through the use of data charts and country fact files.’
    • ‘Using research materials, they find out more about this mammal and use the information to create a water vole fact file.’
    • ‘I know that's true because it's in my wildlife fact file.’
    • ‘Travel tips, fact file and distance chart are included towards the end.’
    • ‘According to the fact file, the Tasmanian Tiger is the largest known carnivorous marsupial.’
    • ‘A letter inviting people to this month's open day has been sent to more than 400 residents and businesses in the area, with a fact file of options.’
    • ‘There's also a two-page fact file covering local tourist information.’
    • ‘Also included are a few dinosaur facts files and a trivia quiz, both of which should appeal exclusively to kids.’