Meaning of factional in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfakʃ(ə)n(ə)l/

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  • 1Relating or belonging to a faction.

    ‘factional leaders’
    • ‘Far more threatening to the dominant factions, however, is the prospect that younger parliamentarians will ignore their factional leaders.’
    • ‘After meeting with various factional leaders, he claimed that he had made proposals to overcome the stalemate.’
    • ‘Three new national vice-presidencies were simply added to make room for factional leaders who faced being squeezed out of the party's governing body.’
    • ‘Negotiations over a new constitution have brought factional wrangling and there is widespread talk of the country sliding into civil war.’
    • ‘Unable to win the leadership through the factional system, he made an unprecedented break with party tradition.’
    • ‘The framers considered organizing a factional interest to be both a valued right and a potentially dangerous activity.’
    • ‘Whatever the factional differences between the delegates, it is highly likely that a majority will approve the draft constitution with minor amendments.’
    • ‘The leadership is currently embroiled in a factional dispute so bitter that the contending groups can barely meet in the same room.’
    • ‘Interviews among factional leaders might easily end in stormy scenes, full of tirades and tantrums.’
    • ‘Only recently have we seen the emergence of female factional leaders.’
    • ‘While the exact composition of the cabinet will be determined by factional dealings now underway, it is clear that it will govern over a country on the brink of collapse.’
    • ‘Above the clamour of heated factional struggle one thing is clear: not one of these factions has any progressive perspective to offer.’
    • ‘The interview, as his factional backers intended, fanned a frenzy of media speculation, leaks and destabilisation.’
    • ‘Their overriding concern has been the preservation of their own interests, against those of their factional rivals.’
    • ‘But everyone knew that the differences hinged entirely on entrenched factional interests.’
    • ‘In any event, even grass-roots support in the party tends to be generated and organised along factional more than local lines.’
    • ‘When d' Aiguillon's trial began in March 1770, therefore, both the Court and the ministry were riven by personal and factional feuds.’
    • ‘In so doing they too have contributed to the sense in which the intellectual sphere is too fragmented and divided along factional lines for any general dialogue to be possible.’
    • ‘The controversial proposal appears to have emphasised a factional divide within the City Council.’
    • ‘I regularly hear people both inside and outside the party complain about the power and excesses of factional chieftains.’
    factional, schismatic, cliquish, clannish, partisan, parti pris
    1. 1.1Characterized by dissent.
      ‘factional conflicts’
      • ‘The issue for many of us is going to be whether or not we can win the peace, and that is, keep this country together without having factional, tribal conflicts.’
      • ‘The intervention therefore sharpened factional conflict by increasing the rewards anticipated from controlling the state.’
      • ‘By 2000, following his retirement from electoral politics, the party was beset by factional conflict and lost still more support.’
      • ‘It would appear that Canadian society is very factional, with each province having their own concerns and issues.’
      • ‘Hickman also appealed to class divisions in the community, arguing that he had been the victim of factional local politics.’
      • ‘They face factional pressure and personal attacks, but they have still stepped up to expose the illegal conduct of their colleagues.’
      • ‘Also, he confessed he is not fully at ease with factional wrangling inside the party and has no intention of joining any faction for now.’
      • ‘It is fast losing influence and internal factional conflicts are tearing it apart.’
      • ‘That should have been enough to send shockwaves through the Party, following the bitter factional battle over preselection.’
      • ‘This promises a factional free for all - where the ranks of the local branches have been left swollen and bloated by years of stacking.’
      • ‘We appreciate that Delia takes a very factional view of the world and all the people attacked in this piece are more than welcome to respond in kind.’
      • ‘Sharp factional fights marked the recent congress of the party.’
      • ‘The leaders temporarily forgot their factional conflicts to unite against what they understood as the common enemy.’
      • ‘He warned that fresh factional fighting would erupt unless the meeting addressed key issues, such as the establishment of a new parliament.’
      • ‘Their alliance rapidly broke down amid factional in-fighting.’
      • ‘In the capital, factional tensions have begun to reemerge.’
      • ‘This will be a fractious and unstable government, riven by internal factional struggles and backbench rebellions.’
      • ‘The differences resulted in a factional split in April.’
      • ‘A sharp factional battle has opened up in the bureaucracy over how to deal with this political instability.’
      • ‘The issues of the factional struggle are matters of principle which put the movement squarely before the question: To be or not to be.’
      individual, group, separate, divided, special, personal, private, exclusive, local, provincial, regional, national, sectarian, factional, party, party political, class, racial, partisan, partial, selfish