Meaning of factory-made in English:


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  • Manufactured in a factory rather than made by hand.

    ‘nowadays, most people wear factory-made clothes’
    • ‘The bridge decks have been constructed with the aid of standard factory-made precast pretensioned beams.’
    • ‘However, most Pont l'Eveque cheese produced today is factory made.’
    • ‘This is home-made pizza, not factory-made pizza.’
    • ‘Some are installed as a liquid while other types come as factory-made panels or foam board.’
    • ‘In the late nineteenth century, parents began to show affection for their children by purchasing factory-made toys.’
    • ‘The arrival of factory-made cotton clothes also had serious consequences for labourers.’
    • ‘If new factory-made doors or windows are too costly, you can install low-cost plastic sheets over the windows.’
    • ‘His firm purposely chose handmade equipment because factory-made tools were of lower quality.’
    • ‘Bagpipes are now factory-made, with drills guided by computers and fit together by teams of assembly-line workers.’
    • ‘More than a dozen nations have detected horse flesh in processed products such as factory-made burger patties, meat pies and meat-filled pastas.’