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factory farm

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‘This 5,600-cow factory farm has successfully negotiated an exemption to the organic requirement that cows have access to pasture, based upon Colorado's arid climate.’
  • ‘By contrast, a factory farm, milking 3,000 cows, stanchioned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in a barn, and run with hired help, can make a good profit.’
  • ‘The life expectancy of the average cow in natural conditions is about 25-30 years; on the typical factory farm, where well over half of U.S. milk cows reside, they live only four to five years.’
  • ‘Think of probiotics as a sort of immune booster for the shellfish, which enables them to cope with the stresses and infections of a crowded life in a factory farm.’
  • ‘The intent of a factory farm is to raise as many animals as possible in the shortest amount of time and in the smallest amount of physical space.’