Meaning of factory inspector in English:

factory inspector


  • An official employed to ensure that factories operate in accordance with official regulations.

    ‘factory inspectors noticed that workers were suffering from bad chest conditions’
    • ‘She was also instrumental in having the first woman factory inspector appointed to Ireland.’
    • ‘Statistics compiled by the factory inspector for Allegheny County shed some light on the dangers of industrial work in Pittsburgh.’
    • ‘Four independent factory inspectors were to be appointed.’
    • ‘Problems were brought to her attention about which she could do nothing as they fell under the remit of the factory inspectors.’
    • ‘It was her own choice to become a sanitary inspector and then a factory inspector.’
    • ‘We had decided to write to the factory inspector, but after seeing the works manager again he put alterations in hand.’
    • ‘Appointed as chief factory inspector of Illinois in 1893, Kelley began learning how to turn casual impressions into systematic studies of slum conditions.’
    • ‘No change can be made in the factory layout plan without the permission of factory inspectors, the amended law states.’
    • ‘There are 51 factory inspectors in a country with 5000 clothing factories, and many thousands of other factories.’
    • ‘Had the factory inspector and deputy labour commissioner been sincere in their duty, the incident wouldn't have occurred.’