Meaning of factum in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfaktəm/

nounplural noun factums, plural noun facta/ˈfaktə/

Canadian Law
  • A statement of the facts of a case.

    ‘the factum of the intervener shall not exceed 20 pages’
    • ‘Again, the Plaintiffs rely upon bald statements in their factum without supporting evidence.’
    • ‘As a result of this unorthodox approach, I was unable to take any statement contained within the factum at its face value, but was required to go back to source to verify each assertion.’
    • ‘I do not agree with Mr. McNevin's criticisms of the time spent in preparation on the facts, the law, or the factum and other documents.’
    • ‘The Plaintiff accepts as correct the summary of facts as stated by the Defendant in its factum as follows.’
    • ‘In their factum, the plaintiffs submit that this Rule is ‘inadequate and inappropriate’ for a number of reasons including the expenditure of resources and the test to be met.’


Mid 17th century from Latin, literally ‘something done or made’ (compare fact).