Meaning of faculty board in English:

faculty board


treated as singular or plural
  • The decision-making body of a university faculty.

    ‘Leavis was invited to join the English faculty board in 1954’
    • ‘she is Chair of the Faculty Board’
    • ‘I was presenting the planned medical curriculum to the faculty board.’
    • ‘University academics have refused to attend faculty board meetings or participate in Performance-Based Research Fund activities.’
    • ‘As vice-chancellor, he was responsible for the creation of faculty boards to control university lecturing.’
    • ‘He accepted a fellowship at Wolfson College, chaired the faculty board, sat on many committees, and gave numerous seminars.’
    • ‘The Academic Office is responsible for reviewing nominations of external examiners made by Faculty Boards.’
    • ‘The Departmental Board reports, on request, to the Faculty Board.’
    • ‘On instruction by the Council at a general meeting, the Faculty Board shall request such a proposal to be tabled for a second month.’
    • ‘Meetings of the Council and of the Faculty Board shall be open unless voted closed.’
    • ‘I owe it to the kindness of the Faculty Board of Moral Science that I have been able to write at length on McTaggart's philosophy at this time.’