Meaning of faint-heartedness in English:



See faint-hearted

‘The question, then, is how we build on this epiphany; now is no time for faint-heartedness.’
  • ‘Calling someone an ‘appeaser ‘is a dreadful insult, one implying, faint-heartedness, limp-wristedness, lily-liveredness, and all the rest.’’
  • ‘In each of these institutional developments Kay met with and overcame opposition and faint-heartedness, rallied the support of the faithful, inveigled co-operation, and prevailed.’
  • ‘Faint heart never won fair lady, and Zeynep Ucbasaran, the lady at the piano here, certainly cannot, herself, be accused of faint-heartedness in tackling this most demanding programme.’
  • ‘His decision smacked of faint-heartedness - something they can sniff a mile away - and played into their hands.’