Meaning of fainting fit in English:

fainting fit

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  • A sudden temporary loss of consciousness.

    ‘he has been experiencing dizzy spells and fainting fits’
    • ‘We were terribly worried at first, but he said you must have just had a fainting fit.’
    • ‘He also had a battery of medical tests after his fainting fit.’
    • ‘She said her husband's death came not long after he had suffered a fainting fit caused by exhaustion.’
    • ‘She was hospitalized after regular fainting fits and the onset of severe headaches, and then sent back to her grandfather for recuperation.’
    • ‘For weeks he had suffered violent headaches, fainting fits, high fevers and coughing.’
    • ‘She began to have fainting fits, accompanied by acute panic and hallucinations.’
    • ‘Her face looks drawn and exhausted, and relatives watch over in case she suffers yet another fainting fit.’
    • ‘When she told them she was suffering fainting fits and that she needed time off to attend hospital appointments, she was told she faced disciplinary action.’
    • ‘She was always a sickly child, subject to recurrent mysterious aches and pains and fainting fits.’
    • ‘Van Gogh was subject to fainting fits and bouts of irrational and bizarre behaviour.’