Meaning of fair go in English:

fair go


informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Used for emphasis or to request someone to be reasonable or fair.

    • ‘Fair go! How can I ask a thing like that?’
    • ‘And what's a fair go, for the benefit of those who voted liberal?’
    • ‘Anyway, now as an international student at Vic, I want to make sure that international students have a fair go at student life.’
    • ‘Importantly, both sides will get a fair go on Sunday night.’
    • ‘There is no doubt as to which gives everyone a fair go.’
    • ‘This irks most Australians, who believe in a fair go for all.’
    • ‘I would strongly encourage people to come into my office or call for a copy to join the state-wide push for a fair go for country cancer patients.’
    • ‘We call for the new Government to restore Australia's standing as a nation that is compassionate to those in need and committed to a fair go for all.’
    • ‘It would have trumpeted its belief that no matter who you are or where you come from, it is fundamental to the Australian ethos that each child gets a fair go.’
    • ‘Mr Edwards said inviting small business owners and managers to contribute to policy-making would ensure they get a fair go.’
    • ‘We believe in opportunity and in giving everyone a fair go.’