Meaning of fair trade in English:

fair trade

Pronunciation /ˌfɛː ˈtreɪd/

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mass noun
  • Trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair prices are paid to the producers.

    ‘supporters believe that fair trade is making a significant positive impact in the world’
    • ‘fair trade coffee’
    • ‘As Third World fair trade producers compete with one another for these markets, prices may be driven down.’
    • ‘There's a real need to push much further, most importantly on fair trade, to enable developing countries to actually develop and become independent of aid.’
    • ‘He said buying fair trade products is a ‘simple and straightforward’ way for consumers to help producers in less developed countries.’
    • ‘It is a period when individuals, groups and employers are encouraged to promote fair trade products and raise awareness in the community.’
    • ‘The film calls into question the ability of fair trade to deliver development for poor countries.’
    • ‘I could write about the political consequences of fair trade in the developed world.’
    • ‘Dealing with world poverty requires much more than Third World producers accessing western markets, whether on free trade or fair trade terms.’
    • ‘Through fair trade, ordinary people can ensure these producers get a better deal and are paid enough to live on.’
    • ‘The question of Third World debt and fair trade are also big issues for me.’
    • ‘While the general coffee market has shrunk slightly in the last few years, takings from the fair trade niche have almost doubled since 2001.’
    • ‘It focuses on eliminating debt for third world nations, fair trade issues and helping to fight AIDS in Africa.’
    • ‘Whether the choice of fair trade goods can do anything to affect the global trade is a difficult issue - though there can be no doubt at all about whose side we are on.’
    • ‘As for evolution in the area of the fair trade movement, in a short period of time there has been incredible progress.’
    • ‘Economists need to discover a way to bring the full range of assets into the fair trade discussion.’
    • ‘He says he is resigning to spend more time campaigning for progressive causes like fair trade.’
    • ‘She says the more consumers insist on fair trade products, the more pressure it will put on companies to ensure their goods are produced in ethical workplaces.’
    • ‘As a fair trade organization, we seek to market the crafts of Third World artisans and to inform Americans about those artisans.’
    • ‘They don't support the demands on reforming the international financial architecture or fair trade.’
    • ‘The shrimpers say they have no problem with the competition that comes with free trade but say they say they want to be sure that free trade is also fair trade.’
    • ‘The president says even more trade is the secret to creating even more jobs in this country, though he did promise that any free trade should also be fair trade.’