Meaning of fair use in English:

fair use


mass noun
  • (in US copyright law) the doctrine that brief excerpts of copyright material may, under certain circumstances, be quoted verbatim for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, and research, without the need for permission from or payment to the copyright holder.

    ‘whether or not six seconds of the song in a user-generated video constitutes fair use is something for a court to decide’
    • ‘The music industry considers such file-sharing to be in violation of copyright and fair use laws.’
    • ‘The copyright law concept of fair use is often used as a justification for access.’
    • ‘Some lawyers claim that fair use is merely a defense to a claim of copyright infringement.’
    • ‘There's a well-known four-part test for determining whether a use is a fair use.’
    • ‘They claim that file copying is a form of fair use, which is legal under copyright law.’