Meaning of fairway in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɛːweɪ/

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  • 1The part of a golf course between a tee and the corresponding green, where the grass is kept short.

    ‘keep the ball on the fairways’
    • ‘a stretch of fairway’
    • ‘Pleasure anglers visiting Howsham Hall are asked not to walk across the greens or fairways of the adjacent golf course when they are making their way to the river.’
    • ‘Tees, fairways and greens are all bent grass, but three other types of turf are used in the rough, providing terrific color contrasts.’
    • ‘Extremely narrow fairways and tiny greens mean the Scotch broom, beach grass and native rhododendron will snag anything off line.’
    • ‘With long grass on the fairways and greens uncut, it made hard going for Mimi as she came staggering in with 10 big points.’
    • ‘For example, fencing was erected, greens and fairways laid, driving range completed and catering facilities put in place, all supplied on the understanding that payment would be made.’
    • ‘Reel-type mowers, which often tow multiple reels, are the type most often used by golf courses for finishing fairways and greens.’
    • ‘The manicured greens and fairways of golf courses are not usually considered ideal places for conservation management.’
    • ‘New greens, traps, fairways and tees are being installed with plans of re-opening the course later this summer.’
    • ‘But the golf holes will be relatively wide with rolling fairways and undulating greens.’
    • ‘Sure, a number of trees remain, but the emphasis is back on the bunkering and the dramatic contours of its fairways and greens.’
    • ‘National is a traditional American-style parkland layout with native vegetation, rolling fairways and greens.’
    • ‘I started well, hitting fairways and greens, and made the turn in 40.’
    • ‘If you're playing a links course, then you need to walk the fairways and see where the pin placements are on those large, undulating greens before each round.’
    • ‘Still this course is eminently playable and so flat with lush fairways that it is usually a pleasure to walk, today proved no different, wet and soggy but cool and pleasant.’
    • ‘The fairways are overrun with ants at the moment and the course is in danger of being renamed Ant Hill, but the rest of the course is a delight to play with some of the nicest tee off areas and greens to be found locally.’
    • ‘They lengthened the course by adding some tees and added subtle mounding to the fairways to modernize the course so it wouldn't appear so flat.’
    • ‘A big pond flanks the left-hand side of the fairway and an old boat, timbers rotting in the sun, gives the hole the ambience of desolation I mentioned earlier.’
    • ‘This course with its wide-open fairways and long total yards tends to be good for the long, straight, hitters.’
    • ‘Fledgling groundkeepers will be able to adjust just about every single aspect of a course, including narrowing fairways or deepening the sand traps.’
    • ‘Only a fool would back him to win a tournament on a course with tight fairways, but on a wide open track he can beat anybody on his day.’
  • 2A navigable channel in a river or harbour.

    ‘the removal of pile and swing moorings to ease the congested fairway’
    • ‘They refuse to leave fairways or harbor entrances open.’
    • ‘In the middle the open water of the fairway is crowded with pinnaces, jolly-boats, cutters, and pleasure steamers.’
    • ‘Covered moorage can restrict visibility from one waterway to another. It is therefore critical to keep rafting boats in marina waterways (fairways) to a minimum.’
    1. 2.1A regular course or track followed by ships.
      ‘bonfires will be lit along one of the old sea fairways’
      • ‘Surveillance of coastal shipping routes to maintain safe fairways is conducted by the Hydrographic and Nautical Authorities.’
      • ‘This artificial fairway built at the turn of the nineteenth century exceeds even the Panama Canal in number of ships passing.’