Meaning of fairy bread in English:

fairy bread


mass nounAustralian, New Zealand
  • Sweet bread sprinkled with hundreds and thousands.

    ‘there'll be activities for the children, and vanilla scones and fairy bread’
    • ‘The primary school student treats himself to some fairy bread during the party.’
    • ‘Hundreds and thousands were also prominent, with students snacking on fairy bread.’
    • ‘There were thousands of people there, and a cake that looked like a train, balloons, gifts, and fairy bread!’
    • ‘They're doing a kid's party theme, there'll be fairy bread and butterfly cakes.’
    • ‘I defrosted muffins, made fairy bread, and finished laying out the table.’
    • ‘You had such a good time, showing off your toys and your beloved baby sister, eating fairy bread, green jelly and ice cream cake, watching your favourite kiddy movie on the big screen.’
    • ‘Eating fairy bread made me think of my sister and made me feel like a kid again.’
    • ‘She invited all my mates to her classroom, where we pinned the tail on the donkey and scoffed down chips and fairy bread and a cake shaped like a witch.’
    • ‘We'd made fairy bread, which only Donald had ever seen before.’
    • ‘Children will be encouraged to wear wings and make fairy bread, and there will also be face painting and a family photo booth.’


Late 19th century perhaps from the title of a poem of 1885 by Robert Louis Stevenson.