Meaning of fairy lights in English:

fairy lights


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plural noun

  • Small coloured electric lights used for decoration, especially at festivals such as Christmas.

    ‘A Christmas window display in the shop of Messrs Tipping and Lee, coal merchants, Brook Street, Ilkley, was burned out through the fusing of an electric fairy light which formed part of the decorations.’
    • ‘Once, fairy lights were either jaunty and multicoloured or clear white, but, these days, there is a fairy light to suit every aesthetic and sensibility - you just have to find it.’
    • ‘I can see inspiration bursting like a fairy light in Tony's eyes.’
    • ‘We now have a nation where the fairy light is the most prominent cultural symbol, and where the quest for riches has become the simplest avenue of achievement.’
    • ‘Many people overload sockets with multiple extensions to supply electricity to outside Christmas decorations and fairy lights.’
    • ‘They started with a couple of fairy lights - but the Christmas decorations keep getting bigger and bigger.’
    • ‘In an effort to cheer myself up, I have been decorating my room, it now has coloured fairy lights, hanging on the shelves, white flashing fairy lights around the mirror, a lava lamp and bubble tube going and one of these around my bed.’
    • ‘At the moment, the plants are festooned full of magnificent aromatic blooms - but they look a bit like decorated Christmas trees without the fairy lights.’
    • ‘Some people here eschew all the electrical gadgets, except for fairy lights on the Christmas tree.’
    • ‘Santas, Christmas trees and fairy lights are just some of the decorations to see.’
    • ‘It might have been out of season, but it was a superb ride, with Christmas tree, fairy lights and even Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, culminating with Santa and his sleigh heading off across the rooftops.’
    • ‘The swimming pool was decorated with fairy lights and floating candles and a table for the intimate party of 12 was set outside.’
    • ‘Sparkling, shimmering styles will make you as noticeable as the fairy lights on the Christmas tree.’
    • ‘The school oak tree had been lit up with fairy lights, there were lanterns hanging from some of the branches that added a romantic touch.’
    • ‘Westport has lashed out €80,000 on a Christmas lighting system, including a state-of-the-art tree illuminated by 7,500 fairy lights.’
    • ‘Posters highlighted the extra dangers the festive season brings - including the use of candles and fairy lights.’
    • ‘To the cheerful sounds of everyone's favourite carols, snow drifted down through the colourful array of overhead decorations and twinkling fairy lights.’
    • ‘He added: ‘For me, fairy lights really bring home the spirit of Christmas and, when they're all in place, all the hard work is well worth it.’’
    • ‘The centre of the village around the Market Place is illuminated with hundreds of fairy lights and in recent years there has been an illuminated tableau on the River Avon.’
    • ‘I've decorated my flat by draping the usual fairy lights down the hallway, and your fibre optic Christmas tree is busy changing colour on the dining table.’