Meaning of fairy queen in English:

fairy queen


  • (in stories) a queen of the fairies.

    ‘Willow is taken to the fairy queen of the forest’
    • ‘Each fairy used a tiny cup to gather dewdrops for the fairy queen's breakfast.’
    • ‘He develops pity for his beloved fairy queen, for he knows that his trick has gone too far.’
    • ‘I could not sleep all night, although my new quarters were like a royal palace and my couch like that of a fairy queen.’
    • ‘Jacob listened with wide eyes as Will told him some fanciful tale of magic, fairy queens and talking whales.’
    • ‘The fairy queen tries to help Odette, but her magic is only powerful enough to reverse the spell from sunset to sunrise.’
    • ‘A good fairy appears to Sofia and introduces her to the fairy queen who gives her three tasks to clean up the land.’
    • ‘As we left the completed house and garden at dusk, she often laid a scarlet wintergreen berry inside, a special offering to the fairy queen.’
    • ‘It is almost as if the fairy queen waved her wand over this part of Ireland and this magnificent structure appeared over night.’
    • ‘This is a love song to a fairy queen who conforms to the Victorian stereotype: delicate beauty and gossamer-winged.’
    • ‘I was feasted each day on tea and cakes and lotus nuts, served to me by the fairy maidens of a fairy queen.’