Meaning of faith school in English:

faith school

Pronunciation /ˈfeɪθskuːl/


  • A school intended for students of a particular religious faith.

    ‘There are no legal or moral grounds for denying Muslims, Sikhs or Hindus faith schools of their own.’
    • ‘She was the author of a recent Early Day Motion highly critical of faith schools.’
    • ‘Organisations with a "religious ethos" employ around 200,000 people, 100,000 of them in faith schools.’
    • ‘A few months ago, Tony Blair made a speech about faith schools.’
    • ‘Like him, I see no need for state-funded faith schools.’
    • ‘Similar concessions might also be extended to pupils at faith schools.’
    • ‘The conference follows a similar event last May which heard calls for more Muslim faith schools in the district.’
    • ‘No community has taken greater advantage of successive governments ' willingness to subsidise faith schools.’
    • ‘Multiculturalism is not about ethnic diversity, linguistic pluralism, faith schools or culinary variety.’
    • ‘Out of about 26,000 state schools in England there are around 7,000 faith schools - over 90 percent of them primaries.’
    • ‘In Scotland, with our history of sectarianism, we need more faith schools like we need a hole in the head.’
    • ‘The dilemma at the heart of the Government's push for more state-funded faith schools was laid bare in the Cantle report.’
    • ‘Critics of the development say the expansion of faith schools could divide the community.’
    • ‘The findings come against some recent calls to abolish faith schools to create more harmony between different religious communities.’
    • ‘The prospect of more faith schools has brought calls from an increasingly strident secularist lobby to halt state funding of them.’
    • ‘Faith schools already have the power to select their pupils.’
    • ‘Faith schools run counter to the building of an inclusive British identity.’
    • ‘Both women are baffled by the anger that raged all week over the need for what have been called "faith schools".’
    • ‘Aaronovitch does not mention that some Christian parents choose not to send their children to faith schools.’