Meaning of fake news in English:

fake news

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mass noun
  • False information that is broadcast or published as news for fraudulent or politically motivated purposes.

    ‘fake news, exploding on social media, is seeping into the mainstream’
    • ‘a fake news site’
    • ‘The Commission urges the general public to disregard the fake news as handiwork of mischief makers.’
    • ‘Because programmatic advertising and its trackers is a plug-and-play ecosystem with zero oversight and accountability, it's incredibly easy for fake news to flourish and proliferate.’
    • ‘It was already clear to most of the world that fake news had played a significant role in our country's division and the president's election.’
    • ‘His vision for legislating these big tech companies called for combating disinformation, protecting user privacy, promoting competition, and combating fake news.’
    • ‘Sebastian co-founded a startup that purports to have developed tools to help brands combat fake news.’
    • ‘Fake news is as old as journalism itself, and reputable media organizations have often played a role of “gatekeeper” to reliable information.’
    • ‘The president knows who produces fake news in this country, and it certainly is not our site.’
    • ‘Fixing fake news will not make newspapers viable again, which requires more fundamental changes to the way they operate.’
    • ‘An anonymous Twitter account was behind a string of largely failed attempts to disseminate fake news.’
    • ‘The proliferation of fake news, vitriol, and politicising that surround this story sums up what this election has been about, and it represents a loss of our collective humanity.’


Late 19th century from fake + news, popularized in 2016 during and after the US presidential election.