Meaning of fake out in English:

fake out

phrasal verb

informal North American
  • fake someone out, fake out someoneTrick or deceive someone.

    • ‘Then he opens his empty hand and smiles at me, and I say, ‘You faked me out!’’
    • ‘He may be able to fake you out to some extent, but there's no way he could know all the details.’
    • ‘He always had a habit of going down on one knee to block shots, so I thought I could fake him out of position.’
    • ‘Sue closed her eyes, she didn't want anyone else to fake her out, to pretend to be something they were not.’
    • ‘Sadly, the movie's ending fakes us out and along comes the faux-epilogue where, all of a sudden, we get an update on where everyone is one year later.’