Meaning of fake tan in English:

fake tan

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  • 1An artificial suntan.

    ‘she had short blonde hair and a fake tan’
    • ‘In reality, others see a vain, self-centred man who would be utterly transparent were it not for his fake tan.’
    • ‘The other solution is to get a fake tan.’
    • ‘You haven't got a fake tan, I take it.’
    • ‘He had torn his left biceps eight weeks earlier doing bent-over rows; the day of the show, only a fake tan hid the discoloration.’
    • ‘Ditch the fake tan; you will laugh at how tacky it looks next year in photographs.’
    • ‘The fragile fancy hats and fake tans last as long as the bar opening hours.’
    • ‘I've never had a fake tan.’
    • ‘Despite all the advice on how fake tans are a much safer solution, sometimes the temptation to grill yourself underneath the sun's rays is just too strong.’
    • ‘All that remains for my transformation to be complete: the haircut and the fake tan.’
    • ‘Australians have taken on board messages from the anticancer lobby about the dangers of relying on a fake tan to prevent sunburn.’
    • ‘So if you're taking a trip outside in the sunshine to show off your new fake tan, you'll still need to use some sun cream.’
    • ‘You might be thinking, why does a raven-haired, olive-skinned Italian goddess need a fake tan?’
    • ‘My fake tan was a huge success - so much so a colleague asked if I'd been on holiday.’
    • ‘Just remember that no matter how amazing and ahead of the seasons you may feel with your fake tan, don't make a habit of wearing white every day to accentuate it.’
    • ‘"Take a freshwater shower immediately after going into the swimming pool or sea, as chlorine and salt water can cause fake tans to go patchy."’
    • ‘Her fake tan and platinum bleach job aren't helping matters, either.’
    • ‘They had fake tans and wore big earrings, and they always had pop songs blasting from the radio in the kitchen.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A lotion containing chemicals that react with the skin to produce an artificial suntan.
      ‘it's time to dust off the ball gowns and slap on some fake tan’
      • ‘At the Valley of Waves water theme park, fake surf broke towards the fake beach where fake blondes lay smothered in fake tan.’
      • ‘She admits to using fake tan.’
      • ‘Allow at least 10 minutes for the moisturiser to sink in, then apply the fake tan.’
      • ‘You can also get fake tan professionally applied at the salon.’
      • ‘I use fake tan myself with a self tanning spray.’
      • ‘One thing worse than looking pasty in your summer frocks is having to go through the laborious task of applying fake tan.’
      • ‘The following day the fake tan went on like a dream - goodbye to all those tell-tale streaks.’
      • ‘You can dilute your fake tan by opting for lighter toned fakes or adding moisturiser to make it go further.’
      • ‘He's not really Charlotte's type because he waxes and wears fake tan.’
      • ‘If you want to go without stockings, use a fake tan to give an even, healthy colour.’
      • ‘Sunbeds are a no-no - use fake tan instead.’
      • ‘They'll spend hours baking in the sun and then use fake tan and sun beds in a desperate attempt to keep it from fading.’
      • ‘Firmness is crucial when applying fake tan, and do wash your hands well with soap and a nailbrush: tanned palms and nails are not pretty.’
      • ‘They use too much fake tan and wear too much bling.’
      • ‘He says it took an hour and a half to trim his neat beard and to apply his generous coating of fake tan.’
      • ‘It is best not to apply a fake tan until 4 hours after showering.’
      • ‘After a while it became clear that he used fake tan, worried endlessly about his weight and spent half an hour every morning preening himself in front of the mirror.’