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fall for

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phrasal verb

  • 1fall for someoneBe captivated by or fall in love with someone.

    ‘she fell for a handsome younger man’
    • ‘I'll bet your house is fine, and you probably loved it before you fell for her pool and tennis court.’
    • ‘He joins a self-help group whose leader, played by Sheila Henderson, falls for him but her love remains unrequited.’
    • ‘Crystal didn't know what to say. It was hard to accept that this man who she was falling for was in love with her after so little a time.’
    • ‘He stood there wondering what cruel fate destined that his best friend would fall for the woman he loved.’
    • ‘Well, you can't have stories when one girl who is deprived of love always fall for her cute best friend.’
    • ‘Allie fought back, trying to keep herself from falling for this tall handsome brute.’
    • ‘She would definitely not fall for the handsome jock, especially if she barely knew him.’
    • ‘When my character fell for one of the farmers and got involved in a love triangle, it was all very scandalous.’
    • ‘The traditional production shows how the captain's daughter becomes torn between love and duty when she falls for a common sailor.’
    • ‘La Traviata is an intimate story of family tensions and blighted love, following a Parisian courtesan who falls for a younger man.’
    • ‘In Norma, forbidden love rears its tragic head as a Druid High Priestess falls for a Roman officer.’
    • ‘It charts the love story of a rich wastrel who falls for a workaholic woman doctor.’
    • ‘Of course, there has to be some kind of love interest, so O'Conner falls for Toretto's sister Mia.’
    • ‘Though several men in town are in love with her, she falls for Jake Spoon and accompanies the drive though camps outside it.’
    • ‘At first she confuses him for a wealthy duke but then falls for him - the two singing love songs to each other in the moonlight on top of the elephant.’
    • ‘She went from being best friends with Taryn and being in love with Santiago to hating Taryn and slowly falling for Milo.’
    • ‘This is a time when love is like punishment in that you are falling for somebody unable to reciprocate openly.’
    • ‘Oh, How confusing love is… Denni told me not to fall for someone above my station.’
    • ‘Why of all people did she have to fall for the cousin of the one who loves her?’
    • ‘In less than a year I had found the love of my life, had her fall for me, and almost lost her as well.’
    fall in love with, become infatuated with, lose one's heart to, take a liking to, take a fancy to, be smitten by, be attracted to, desire
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  • 2fall for somethingBe deceived by something.

    ‘he didn't expect Duncan to fall for a cheap trick like that’
    • ‘You're not expecting us to fall for that a second time are you?’
    • ‘Let us not fall for cheap tactics and propaganda that are designed to divide us.’
    • ‘Luckily for its readers, this newspaper would never fall for such cheap tricks.’
    • ‘Come on, do you really expect us to fall for such a childish ploy?’
    • ‘Did he expect me to actually fall for his stupid little flirting ways?’
    • ‘In fact, we were the last expected people of the whole lot to be falling for a fare like that.’
    • ‘Poor patients in Africa fall for these drugs because of their cheap price.’
    • ‘This is so clearly a joke that I still cannot believe anybody at all fell for it.’
    • ‘She believes we are falling for a false kind of moral equivalence between democratic societies and tyrannies.’
    • ‘I believed you - I fell for all the lies you slowly filtered into me.’
    • ‘It amazes me that people actually fall for this. Why on Earth would a complete stranger trust you with their money like this?’
    • ‘They really believed that the people of Killala and North Mayo would fall for that sort of baloney.’
    • ‘We can understand that, but it should not expect the public of New Zealand to fall for that nonsense.’
    • ‘While it's not immediately known whether any of the recipients fell for the story, the spam mail has only led to smirks.’
    • ‘Sure enough I fell for the blank expression and slightly manic eyes.’
    • ‘A woman was duped out of £30,000 when she fell for an international e-mail scam.’
    be deceived by, be duped by, be fooled by, be taken in by, accept, believe, trust, be convinced by, have confidence in
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