Meaning of fall line in English:

fall line


  • 1the fall lineSkiing
    The route leading straight down any particular part of a slope.

    ‘study the fall line and plan your turns’
    • ‘I pull out of the fall line, lean on my poles, and turn the lead over to Chris, who's strong and can break trail the rest of the way to our campsite.’
    • ‘On a hill that you are comfortable on, place some markers directly down the fall line.’
    • ‘If there's enough room, and nobody is close on your heels, traverse the slope by skating across the fall line, spending as little time as possible with your wheels pointing directly downhill.’
    • ‘Then he runs a dozer up and down the slope, perpendicular to the fall line.’
    • ‘We practise sliding downhill with skis at 90 degrees to the fall line, edges biting deep.’
  • 2A narrow zone that marks the geological boundary between an upland region and a plain, distinguished by the occurrence of falls and rapids where rivers and streams cross it.

    ‘The appearance of goods made above the fall line - where the rivers from the hinterland cascade to the coastal plain - was not wholly governed by trade with or emulation of coastal merchants.’
    • ‘Wolff and Ware found similar regeneration when examining vegetation along the fall line in Virginia.’
    • ‘Instead of relying on ice axes, they studied fall lines, plucking smooth routes from seemingly impassable rock faces.’
    1. 2.1the Fall Line(in the US) the zone demarcating the Piedmont from the Atlantic coastal plain.