Meaning of fall on one's sword in English:

fall on one's sword


  • Assume responsibility or blame on behalf of other people, especially by resigning from a position.

    ‘he heroically fell on his sword, insisting that it was his decision’
    • ‘Yesterday, the Newcastle-based bank's beleaguered chief executive finally fell on his sword, tendering his resignation.’
    • ‘Government sources told the Sunday Star-Times that he will be asked to fall on his sword.’
    • ‘Given John Elliot's standards of accountability, don't expect too many senior personnel to be falling on their swords.’
    • ‘Bliss, his reputation shredded beyond repair, has fallen on his sword.’
    • ‘The cold, hard facts of any past extravagances at taxpayers ' expense may force him to fall on his sword.’
    • ‘The permanent secretary turned ambassador has already publicly fallen on his sword.’
    • ‘He's the most high profile cabinet member to fall on his sword.’
    • ‘Usually the top of the command is the person who falls on their sword.’
    • ‘Michael Noonan, the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time, duly fell on his sword.’
    • ‘Pressure would then build up on the CEO to fall on his sword.’