Meaning of fall on stony ground in English:

fall on stony ground


  • (of words or a suggestion) be ignored or badly received.

    ‘their constructive advice fell on stony ground’
    • ‘A suggestion of trying Gandhi's method falls on stony ground.’
    • ‘He also proposed the word ‘archaeography’, but that one fell on stony ground.’
    • ‘The parish council at Barlby padlocked the £20,000 park after its appeals to the youngsters fell on stony ground.’
    • ‘A parachute centre's plans to extend the number of days it operates fell on stony ground when the application came before the town council.’
    • ‘Demands to review the project fell on stony ground - if it was to be completed on schedule, no delay could be considered.’
    • ‘If even a handful of anthropologists were naive and unwitting collaborators of colonialism, and there is not much evidence of it here, their efforts fell on stony ground.’
    • ‘The idea of Franco-British union fell on stony ground.’
    • ‘Like all mail shots some probably fell on stony ground, whereas others may have attracted a little interest.’
    • ‘The prime minister's offer will fall on stony ground, however.’
    • ‘The book actually began in Malaysia, during a four hour taxi ride, when the author's mind conjured up a scene which he knew was just too good to let fall on stony ground.’


    With biblical reference to the parable of the sower (Matt. 13:5).