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fall out

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phrasal verb

  • 1(of the hair, teeth, etc.) become detached and drop out.

    ‘the chemotherapy made my hair fall out’
    • ‘They seemed to be no better off than their subjects, with hair and teeth falling out and sores like burns on bare faces and hands.’
    • ‘And my hair is falling out, I have sores in my mouth, my teeth ache - my whole body aches!’
    • ‘He said that his strong character was tested at the upper school when his hair completely fell out, a condition which is believed to be hereditary in the family.’
    • ‘But Val said her lowest point was when her hair fell out.’
    • ‘She reacted badly to the medication, feeling sick and exhausted all the time, all her hair fell out and, worst of all, she was cut off from her family and friends.’
    • ‘It was real, but I got sick and all the hair fell out.’
    • ‘After continuous treatment, Callum's tumour reappeared at the age of three and the brave youngster's hair fell out.’
    • ‘His hair fell out for the second time and he experienced nausea and weakness.’
    • ‘He lost seven stone, his hair fell out and his immune system was attacked by opportunistic infections.’
    • ‘In the wake of a car accident, all Lucas's hair fell out when he was just six.’
    • ‘Up until now we have just injected the drug and waited to see if their hair falls out or if they feel sick.’
    • ‘The victim's hair falls out as the skin becomes covered with large ulcers, and if constant vomiting, diarrhoea and infection don't kill, massive bleeding soon would.’
    • ‘I had so much stress, my hair started falling out.’
    • ‘At least I'm not getting hair falling out from stress this time.’
    • ‘He also has to deal with the possibility that he might go bald, as clumps of his hair have started falling out.’
    • ‘She had the longest hair ever that was falling out in little patches.’
    • ‘A friend tells me that his hair is falling out, although he is still in his 20s.’
    • ‘One in 10 men reading this is checking his pillow and plughole daily to see if his hair is falling out.’
    • ‘My hair keeps falling out in clumps again, coming out even as I run fingers through it.’
    • ‘I developed a rash, my hair started falling out and I wanted to sleep all the time.’
  • 2Have an argument.

    ‘he had fallen out with his family’
    • ‘they fell out over money’
    • ‘The two groups fell out over differences in ‘approach,’ which included more than the business plan.’
    • ‘They're business partners who fell out over a dirty deal.’
    • ‘The various guardians of the under-aged stars fell out over the money which slowly evaporated into the hands of lawyers.’
    • ‘No wonder the publishers were glad to see the back of him after they fell out over issues of payment for the editor's ‘services’.’
    • ‘We once fell out over a coat during Christmas late-night shopping in Coney Street and she - aged nine and a bit - stormed out of Bhs and into the crowds.’
    • ‘The pair later fell out over money and Hubbard moved on.’
    • ‘He grew up running wild with his cousins on the family commune in Wales - until they all fell out over money’
    • ‘The hit TV show has been plagued with rumours of off-screen bitching since the stars reportedly fell out over who was paid the most.’
    • ‘The court heard that the couple had been separated for a while last June when they fell out over the care of their young son.’
    • ‘She claims that they were friends, but they fell out over Sam's drinking.’
    • ‘Already, last summer, the companies fell out over who would control the business and collect the money in the UK, where both have networks.’
    • ‘We fell out over something quite trivial really.’
    • ‘He may even have been deposed for a brief period after Christmas 1387, until his opponents fell out over the question of who should replace him.’
    • ‘Richelieu acted as a go-between when mother and son fell out over her associations with those who were deemed less than trustworthy in the royal court.’
    • ‘Sadly the sheer size of the commission proved too much for Papworth; client and architect fell out over money.’
    • ‘The protagonists are ex-college buddies who fell out over a girl called Betty Anne.’
    • ‘It was said that the two men fell out over ‘personal matters’.’
    • ‘They reportedly fell out because they disagreed on whether to support a peace deal with the interim government.’
    • ‘We fell out with lots of different people but eventually we got it together and got Conor in the band.’
    • ‘And there were more family squabbles as he fell out publicly with his brothers, sisters and father.’
    quarrel, argue, row, fight, have a row, have a fight, squabble, bicker, have words, disagree, differ, have a difference of opinion, have a disagreement, be at odds, clash, wrangle, get into conflict, get into a dispute, cross swords, lock horns, be at loggerheads, be at each other's throats
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  • 3Leave one's place in a military formation, or on parade.

    ‘the two policemen at the rear fell out of the formation’
    • ‘Bruiser screamed as his fighter took a salvo of fire from his pursuers and he fell out of formation with Mask and Wheezy.’
    • ‘The other ships in his group had taken heed of the hull pattern; they were starting to fall out of formation and were reorienting for their escape.’
    • ‘I made an interphone call to the aft station and got a weary reply from one of the weapons system officers saying it looked like we were falling out of position.’
    • ‘Any bomber that was damaged and fell out of formation was immediately set upon by a swarm of fighters.’
    • ‘I don't remember whether the bombs were dropped before we fell out of formation or sometime after we were down at low altitude.’
    move out of formation, move out of line, get out of line, get out of formation
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  • 4Happen; turn out.

    ‘matters fell out as Stephen arranged’
    • ‘The subject matter falls out as irrelevant, the different views on the same thing are what it's about.’
    • ‘I have actually thought about Sweden, which is hardly a hardship post and part of the reason that Sweden is so interesting is because I have a rather fascinating result that falls out of the trust experiments.’
    happen, occur, come about, take place, turn out, chance, arise, befall, result
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