Meaning of fall victim to in English:

fall victim to

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  • Be hurt, killed, damaged, or destroyed by.

    ‘he fell victim to a fatal blood infection’
    • ‘A mother whose young daughter allegedly fell victim to the abuse condemned the BNP for turning her ordeal into a race issue.’
    • ‘A 16-year-old boy was left with a black eye and facial bruising after falling victim to what appears to have been the first reported incident of its kind in the borough.’
    • ‘I am concerned that companies are falling victim to online commercial extortion and we are not being told.’
    • ‘Adverse effects of high consumption levels, however, lead to Irish people falling victim to more accidents and violence, new research shows.’
    • ‘If we adopt the stance that it's fine to disregard generalisations such as cultural relativism we may actually be falling victim to just such a thing.’
    • ‘If accuracy and nuance sometimes fall victim to all this rhetoric, well, there's a war on, folks.’
    fall ill with, be stricken with, become infected with, catch, develop, contract, pick up
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