Meaning of false bottom in English:

false bottom


  • A hidden compartment formed by a partition close to the bottom of a suitcase, box, or other container, in which objects may be concealed.

    ‘the cocaine was hidden in the false bottom of her suitcase’
    • ‘She has a jewel case with a false bottom.’
    • ‘During the search officers found a cabinet Thomas had made, with a false bottom.’
    • ‘The drugs came in crates with false bottoms which were then unpacked inside the shop.’
    • ‘She allegedly swiped 500 pounds of gold belonging to the jeweler by stashing small pieces in her handbag with a false bottom over six years.’
    • ‘They discovered each of the boxes had been built with a false bottom under which the drugs, which were wrapped in tape, had been stashed.’
    • ‘Other contraband was discovered embedded in the underside of a chess board and in buckets with false bottoms.’
    • ‘Another time he hid in the false bottom of a box filled with empty food tins and was carried out to a rubbish dump.’
    • ‘"Mules" crossed borders carrying trunks with false bottoms or strapped packages on their bodies and hid them under bulky clothing.’
    • ‘He was sentenced to 14 years in prison for trying to smuggle ecstasy and cocaine into Narita Airport, using a suitcase fitted with a false bottom.’
    • ‘Some tourists had hidden the drugs in false bottoms of wooden boxes, hollowed-out books, and homemade candles.’