Meaning of false card in English:

false card


  • A card played in order to give one's opponents a misleading impression of one's strength in the suit led.

    ‘What sort of false card is most likely to mislead a defender? You'll find all the answers here, from David Bird, one of the world's leading bridge writers.’
    • ‘He explained that his first play had been a false card and that when I led a second card from the dummy, he had recognized that if he now played low, no one would believe his original false card.’


(also false-card)
[with object]Bridge
  • Play (a false card)

    ‘by false-carding ♠5 from hand, declarer may persuade West to continue the suit’
    • ‘he was false-carding with the ace’
    • ‘They may be guilty of basing plays of the cards on concealed partnership understanding (e.g. allowing for partner having false carded) but only because they have concealed their agreements.’
    • ‘Dummy played low and Lanzarotti false-carded intelligently by putting in the queen rather than the obvious ten.’