Meaning of false colour in English:

false colour


mass noun
  • Colour added during the processing of a photographic or computer image to aid interpretation of the subject.

    ‘the map is shown in false colour’
    • ‘the camera records each element in a false colour corresponding to distance’
    • ‘Fluorescent images were captured by cooled CCD camera, assigned false color, and manipulated uniformly in Adobe Photoshop.’
    • ‘The software added false color to reflect the contribution that any given part of the surface made to a small region surrounding each of the two dominant peaks in reciprocal space.’
    • ‘It lends the photos a quality that I'm finding hard to put into words, other than that somehow, these places seem far more expressive in false colour than in reality.’
    • ‘For visualization the images were merged by the software and transferred to false colors.’
    • ‘Photoshop was used to manipulate false colors and to convert colors from RGB to CMYK for printing.’
    make-believe, act, putting on an act, acting, dissembling, shamming, sham, faking, feigning, simulation, falsification, dissimulation, invention, imagination, self-deception, play-acting, posturing, posture, posing, pose, cant, attitudinizing