Meaning of false flag in English:

false flag


  • 1A flag flown to disguise the true identity or affiliation of a ship.

    ‘Captain Young hauled down his false flag, hoisted the American ensign, and opened fire’
    • ‘he hides behind the false flag of patriotism’
    • ‘A ship that flies a false flag, or no flag at all, may qualify for piratical status.’
    • ‘He wished to find out whether the steamer was sailing under a false flag.’
    • ‘It was the unwritten rule of navel warfare that a vessel, when flying a false flag to deceive the enemy, must hoist its own flag before firing the first shot in battle.’
    • ‘Sailing under a false flag and doctored paperwork, the ship, it becomes increasingly clear, is rotten to the core.’
    • ‘Of the two taken steamers, one was approached and captured by the ruse of a false flag.’
    • ‘ False flag entrapment is being used routinely within the internet domain to infiltrate and reveal potential threats.’
    • ‘He spoke of gangs renting local domains in order to disguise the true origin of attacks under a false flag.’
    • ‘A notable feature of the law applied at sea is that it allows for warships to disguise themselves, including by wearing a false flag until the point at which they launch an attack.’
    • ‘His now universally recognised work deconstructs the war, including "the attack on a US ship under a false flag".’
    • ‘The spokesman asks who will guarantee that the country will not send her submarines to the Mediterranean under a false flag.’
  • 2usually as modifier A political or military act orchestrated in such a way that it appears to have been carried out by a party that is not in fact responsible.

    ‘some believe that the bombings were a false flag operation by state forces’
    • ‘There may be false flag attacks at home to rev up the war machine.’
    • ‘Reporters wrote up stories suggesting the memo was actually a false flag operation.’
    • ‘The few thousand elitists that control the levers of power have used each false flag crisis for the last century to accumulate more power.’
    • ‘I've begun an organized study of state-sponsored terrorism and false flag operations.’
    • ‘This was a false flag event and the boys stopped playing their roles when they were double-crossed.’
    • ‘If it's just another false flag, then I am once again disgusted by the depths to which this administration would stoop.’
    • ‘The problem with repeated false flags and staged events executed for a particular political purpose is that it has to happen in real-time.’
    • ‘All of it based on premeditated lies and false flag attacks.’
    • ‘This false flag plot was meant to create a pretext for a war.’
    • ‘It's one huge false flag operation and the media is selling it hard.’