Meaning of false memory syndrome in English:

false memory syndrome


mass nounPsychology
  • A condition in which a person has an apparent recollection of an event that did not actually occur, especially one of childhood sexual abuse that arises during psychotherapy or psychoanalysis.

    ‘she later retracted her allegations in what came to be seen as a case of false memory syndrome’
    • ‘He also believes that a number of men have been jailed because of false memory syndrome.’
    • ‘Universally, ritual abuse victims are decried as victims of false memory syndrome or 'implanted memories.'’
    • ‘I realised I was hitting out in rage because I had been abandoned and that I was suffering from false memory syndrome.’
    • ‘Allegations of sexual abuse can spring from false memory syndrome and not fact, a former resident of childcare institutions has announced.’
    • ‘According to the students, false memory syndrome was merely a legal defense contrived by accused perpetrators.’