Meaning of false widow in English:

false widow


(also false widow spider)
  • A spider resembling the black widow, some species of which are moderately poisonous to humans.

    Genus Steatoda, family Theridiidae: numerous species, in particular S. nobilis, the bite of which can be painful, native to Madeira and the Canary Islands and naturalized in parts of Europe and elsewhere

    ‘"I know you have been having problems with false widows in the UK but I am more concerned with white-tailed spiders."’
    • ‘The false widow that bit her was later killed by a local authority pest control team.’
    • ‘After identifying the spider as a false widow on a hospital computer, he was sent home with anti-histamine tablets.’
    • ‘He collapsed after being bitten 10 times by a false widow on the neck and back.’
    • ‘She woke up in excruciating pain when she rolled over and was bitten by the false widow on the back of the left hand.’
    • ‘Several people reported seeing a spider called a false widow, which has a disconcerting behavior of rushing toward people who approach it.’
    • ‘"All spiders are venomous but the difference with these false widow spiders is that their fangs can pierce the skin."’
    • ‘False widows have a dark, shiny body and are so named because they are often mistaken for the notorious black widow.’
    • ‘The false widow spider, a relative of the black widow, bit him three times on the chest and stomach after it fell down the front of his shirt a week ago.’
    • ‘False widow spiders – Steatoda nobilis in Latin – are no bigger than a 20p piece but they have the worst bite out of every spider species in the UK.’