Meaning of falsely in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔːlsli/

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  • 1Not in accordance with truth or fact; incorrectly.

    ‘the police falsely accused him of murder’
    • ‘the deaths were falsely attributed to influenza’
    • ‘Fra Savonarola was brought to trial for heresy - he was said to have falsely claimed to have seen visions.’
    • ‘When the FSA took some samples from supermarkets they found that 35 per cent had been falsely labelled.’
    • ‘He alleged that he was offered money to testify falsely against me.’
    • ‘British propaganda claimed falsely that the hats were lined with steel.’
    • ‘She had eight times submitted forms falsely stating she was not living with anyone or that she was single.’
    • ‘A coalition of consumer groups has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer, claiming that the company falsely advertises the benefits of the medicine.’
    • ‘It is often falsely assumed that the value of good design lies largely in the first category.’
    • ‘Edmund tells Edgar that their father is after him, having heard falsely that Edgar committed some heinous crime.’
    • ‘Larry suspects the TV weatherman is falsely predicting bad weather so he can have the golf course all to himself.’
    1. 1.1Not in accordance with rules or law; dishonestly.
      ‘he admitted two counts of falsely claiming expenses’
      • ‘he was offered money to testify falsely against me’
      • ‘Ten animal rights protesters were awarded compensation by police after officers were accused of falsely imprisoning them.’
      • ‘The crackdown targets low-skilled immigrants who take jobs in Britain and who falsely claim political asylum.’
      • ‘The airline has been accused of falsely certifying repair work that was never completed.’
      • ‘We heard about the men who were falsely convicted after torture by a corrupt policeman.’
      • ‘The police could only be liable if they acted falsely, maliciously or recklessly in transmitting the information.’
      • ‘The company was found guilty of failing to give to consumers notice in writing of their right to cancel the contract and of falsely and knowingly describing themselves as chartered surveyors.’
      • ‘His protector had been falsely put to death by Ulysses and because of this, Ulysses was forever suspicious of Sinon.’
      • ‘Antipholus appeals to the Duke for justice against his wife, who he claims has locked him out of his house and conspired to have him falsely imprisoned as a madman.’
      • ‘These sites usually either implicitly imply, or explicitly and falsely state, that they are an authorized dealer.’
      • ‘He plays the doctor who falsely lists the cause of death as a heart attack.’
  • 2In an insincere or artificial manner.

    ‘she smiled falsely’
    • ‘The two noblemen fawn falsely over De Guiche, who ignores them.’
    • ‘In this film, after walloping us with images and falsely placating us with words, the director blinds us with light.’
    • ‘He remarks that he prefers the real Bernard to the falsely happy Bernard.’
    • ‘His new movie is a piece of falsely modest claptrap.’
    • ‘He is the doctor who seems at first to be all cynicism but who, we come to recognize, cares about his patients far more than the falsely paternal, beaming head doctor.’
    • ‘In the movie, the boy's parents are flat one minute, falsely animated the next, and their actions never fully make sense.’
    • ‘The director delivers a film that harkens back to a golden age of solid storytelling and bold heroics, without the falsely pumped-up bravado of so many "major" pictures these days.’
    • ‘We see it everyday, all these 'divas' falsely turning to street culture in order to boost credibility.’
  • 3In an illusory manner; not actually so.

    ‘testing will yield falsely reassuring results’
    • ‘Adopting our recommendation has the potential to avoid as many as half a million women a year being falsely reassured.’
    • ‘Let's not start with the holes in plausibility, or the falsely happy ending.’
    • ‘The humor consists in watching the hero's falsely assuring world of "boring predictability" quietly crumble.’
    • ‘The old (or falsely aged) sheets of paper, too, present the quality of a personal artifact, like something retained from childhood.’
    • ‘But the break seemed falsely idyllic with an undercurrent of doom.’
    • ‘Using bright colors and sweet perfumes, many orchids falsely advertise a meal of pollen and nectar.’
    • ‘The image isn't falsely romanticized, and it includes foreign tourists alongside Indian pilgrims.’
    • ‘The author stumbles a touch in the third act, dragging his ending out too long, and giving us a finale that's either falsely uplifting or cruelly imagined by a dying boy.’
    • ‘The actor and stuntmen obviously have the skills to pay the bills and don't have to rely on clever cuts and camera work to falsely bolster their ass-kicking prowess.’
    • ‘The image reveals the truth beneath the world's falsely smooth surface.’