Meaning of falsifiability in English:



See falsify

‘Therefore, Popper argues for the hallmark of science being falsifiability, the willingness to state under which conditions one will consider one's bold hypothesis to have been falsified.’
  • ‘One of the core tenets of modern science is falsifiability.’
  • ‘The problem here is that falsifiability applies at the level of specific scientific claims whereas both evolution and ID are collections of such claims.’
  • ‘Popper advanced his criterion of falsifiability along with a set of conventions or ‘rules of the game’ of science to ensure that the truth of theories can be tested by evidence.’
  • ‘In any event, full marks to the old man for providing us with a theory that meets Karl Popper's test of falsifiability, which is a lot more than Freud or, as best I can make it out, Darwin ever did.’



/fɔːlsɪfʌɪəˈbɪlɪti/ /fɒlsɪfʌɪəˈbɪlɪti/