Meaning of falsifier in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔːlsɪfʌɪə/


  • A person who alters evidence or gives a false account.

    ‘the judge described him as a falsifier of history’
    • ‘He was not a genuinely scrupulous historian but a falsifier and propagandist.’
    • ‘He is a falsifier, as any honest person who has studied history knows.’
    • ‘The findings of the inquiry were couched in virulent terms, accusing Graham of being a heretic, falsifier, person of irregular life, blasphemer, and excommunicate.’
    • ‘Fabricators and falsifiers in the sciences originate their frauds alone.’
    • ‘People capable of speaking such things are falsifiers, pedants, or simply don't want to look the real situation in the face.’
    • ‘These data are then passed to the falsifiers who manufacture wonderful official documents so that they can be used to identify oneself.’
    counterfeiter, falsifier, faker, copyist, imitator