Meaning of faltering in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfɔːltərɪŋ/


  • 1Losing strength or momentum.

    ‘his faltering career’
    • ‘My work colleagues were starting to doubt that I ever knew him and my credibility was seriously faltering.’
    • ‘The problem over what to do with the faltering domain first arose in June.’
    • ‘The faltering administration of the prime minister was dealt another blow yesterday with the resignation of his agriculture minister.’
    • ‘He is desperate for some issue that will rescue his faltering campaign.’
    • ‘These troubles are a direct consequence of the country's prolonged domestic recession and faltering economic recovery.’
    • ‘He offers us some ways to save this faltering economy.’
    • ‘The world's faltering effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions got a new lease on life.’
    • ‘He served as a senator for 30 years before retiring in 2003 because of his faltering health.’
    • ‘He blamed the president for the faltering job market.’
    • ‘She failed to live up to the moment, shambling through a faltering performance of her new single.’
    • ‘The Scotsman breathed new life into the club after a faltering start to the season.’
    1. 1.1Speaking hesitantly.
      ‘she tells her plight in faltering tones’
      • ‘"You can't go to the cops," Stan said, his voice faltering.’
      • ‘When she said hello to a nurse, that went on the blog, and so too did her first faltering attempts at conversation.’
      • ‘"You believe my behaviour tonight to be equal to his?" he inquired in a faltering voice.’
      • ‘The faltering voice on the line was that of an elderly woman who had seen my advertisement in the local press.’
      • ‘In a faltering voice and clearly shaken by her experience, she did her best to explain what had happened to her.’
      • ‘He has a soft, faltering voice, and his looks are always timid and unsure.’
      • ‘The teacher, speaking in faltering tones with tears welling up in her eyes, described the terrifying events.’
      • ‘The historical lore was that JFK, in his first faltering words of German, was wrong to use the indefinite article.’
      • ‘It is hard for me to say in a few faltering words how I feel when voices greet me from my own country.’
      • ‘He had tears in his eyes and a faltering voice as he paid tribute to his wife.’
    2. 1.2Moving unsteadily or hesitantly.
      ‘he is now all set to take his first faltering steps’
      • ‘From taking her first faltering steps earlier this year she is now able to walk unaided.’
      • ‘ He took faltering steps toward it to make certain he was seeing right.’
      • ‘One of the fluffy chicks takes some faltering steps under the watchful gaze of an adult flamingo.’
      • ‘She walked with a yearning reach, but faltering steps.’
      • ‘He helped them carry their staggering loads and assisted their faltering steps.’
      • ‘By the end of the first year, some babies will be taking their first faltering steps.’
      • ‘I saw her first faltering steps and heard her first words.’
      • ‘One of his sisters, who was just learning to walk, took a few faltering steps in the living room.’
      • ‘Subsequent weeks saw him move his back until he could gradually lift himself up from his bed and take a few faltering steps.’
      • ‘This time the bot took a couple of faltering steps before falling with a crash to the floor.’