Meaning of family-owned in English:



  • (of a business) owned or run by members of a single family.

    ‘many family-owned businesses are small’
    • ‘there's nothing pretentious about this family-owned bakery’
    • ‘The company buys milk from small family-owned dairy farms.’
    • ‘What the original five families did was contract with a small, privately operated, family-owned cheese plant.’
    • ‘The urban neighborhood surrounding the family-owned business had changed.’
    • ‘He is the current patriarch of a family-owned company started by his father in 1930.’
    • ‘In general, we are no longer dealing mainly with the family-owned businesses that we knew for generations.’
    • ‘After many calls, we found an Iowa family-owned barn repair company.’
    • ‘This third-generation, family-owned restaurant welcomes celebrities, regulars and out-of-towners to its spacious dining room.’
    • ‘This Plymouth-based food store is celebrating 65 years of success and growth as a third-generation family-owned business.’
    • ‘Austin is one of America's most eclectic cities, a place where vibrant culture is revealed with family-owned restaurants and distinct small businesses.’
    • ‘A joint venture with a family-owned ice cream processor to make superpremium ice cream was discontinued in recent years because "we were not able to compete with Ben & Jerry's," says Bennett.’
    • ‘The family-owned company was started in 1983 by a portrait photographer and boasts a clientele of famous names, embassies, art dealers, galleries, museums, hotels, historic houses, castles and auction houses.’
    • ‘The family-owned and operated company has grown into a modern organization that has been providing families with fresh, wholesome dairy products year after year.’
    • ‘We're a family-owned and operated company so we're pretty laid back here.’
    • ‘A small family-owned pizza company got such a positive response in the Canadian market through in-store promotions and samplings that it has had to expand facilities to meet demand.’
    • ‘Family-owned publishing firms have fared better in other countries, although the process of takeover and agglomeration is almost universal.’
    • ‘A resident loves that gasp of surprise from visitors when they hear that most New Yorkers get to work by public transportation and shop at family-owned grocery stores.’
    • ‘As people in this country are generally sceptical of authority and family networks are strong, many industries are organized around family-owned small and medium-sized firms which make a diverse range of niche products.’