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family benefit

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mass nounNew Zealand
  • A universal state benefit paid to parents for the financial support of children.

    ‘family benefit replaced all previous allowances for dependent children’
    • ‘The most obvious immediate solution is restoring a decent universal family benefit for parents.’
    • ‘Over the tea break I canvassed a few opinions on the family benefit.’
    • ‘The family benefit is an important part of our social history.’
    • ‘It simply would not matter which household member received family benefit or family support payments.’
    • ‘A universal family benefit will certainly not achieve that.’
    • ‘To which women up and down the country replied "You don't get the family benefit, your wife does".’
    • ‘We know from when the family benefit was around previously that in many cases that was not the case.’
    • ‘On offer was $600, which could be taken either as a lump sum, a weekly addition to the family benefit, or as a deposit in her NZ Superannuation Scheme account.’
    • ‘When it was announced in 1990 that the family benefit was to be scrapped, an off-the-cuff comment by the Prime Minister seemed to attract rather more attention than the policy change itself.’
    • ‘It would be a non-income-tested transferable payment to the primary caregiver, similar to the family benefit that my parents relied on when I was growing up.’