Meaning of family planning clinic in English:

family planning clinic


  • A clinic that provides advice and treatment relating to contraception and sexual health.

    ‘condoms are available free from family planning clinics’
    • ‘You can have the test carried out at your GP surgery or a family planning clinic.’
    • ‘Given high levels of social disapproval of contraceptive use, many would not want to be seen at the family planning clinic.’
    • ‘Condoms are also less expensive at Planned Parenthood centers or at other family planning clinics.’
    • ‘The methods outlined to deal with teenage pregnancy are hardly original and could easily have been taken from family planning clinic leaflets.’
    • ‘Hilary was interested in, and concerned about, women's health, and for many years she worked in local family planning clinics.’
    • ‘The IUD is available free from some GPs and family planning clinics.’
    • ‘There are lots of advice sources, such as your local family planning clinic.’
    • ‘There was a 14% increase in the number of men attending family planning clinics in 2003.’
    • ‘Although cervical screening will be available from GPs and family planning clinics the service will no longer be free of charge at these centres.’
    • ‘If you are concerned you may have HIV infection, get a blood test from your doctor, a public health clinic, family planning clinic etc.’