Meaning of family viewing in English:

family viewing


mass noun
  • 1The watching of films or television programmes by adults and children together.

    ‘this programme is not suitable for family viewing’
    • ‘Furthermore, use a TV rating system to determine shows appropriate for family viewing.’
    • ‘The days of family viewing are over - today people watch their favorite programs on their own TV sets.’
    • ‘Certain modifications were made in Da Vinci's art to make it more suitable for family viewing.’
    • ‘We enthusiastically recommend this movie for family viewing.’
    • ‘Many in the television industry believed the character was past his sell-by-date, and that the era of family viewing had also died.’
    • ‘The magazine was given a new layout to make sense of the multichannel environment, and a guide to family viewing was introduced.’
    • ‘The target audience is in the 18-23 range and so parents should make an informed decision before allowing children to watch, although shows before 9pm are censored to allow family viewing.’
    • ‘Post-golden age, Chris Evans understood the concept of Saturday night family viewing as well as anyone.’
    • ‘It's heartening to see that the great tradition of Christmas family viewing seems to be alive and well.’
    • ‘He explored the way in which family viewing habits reflected existing power relationships in the home.’
    1. 1.1Films or television programmes that are suitable for children as well as adults.
      ‘parents who complain about the dearth of half-decent family viewing’
      • ‘As you might guess, this film is not exactly bright and cheery family viewing.’
      • ‘He was aware of the popularity of the programme as family viewing and leavened the mix with science fiction and fantasy elements.’
      • ‘It is definitely family viewing; I think, like my kids, yours will also love to watch how these recipes unfold.’
      • ‘The major league baseball playoffs in 1998, which are classic US family viewing, were laced with violent promotions, mainly for television shows or movies.’
      • ‘Although it's attractive family viewing, it never transcends the genre of TV-movie.’
      • ‘This is not an edgy film for adults alone, but it is the kind of banal family viewing designed to inject some goodwill into your holiday season.’
      • ‘With equal doses of playfulness and wisdom, this is a pleasant 90 minutes of family viewing.’
      • ‘It's ideal family viewing and deserves a place on a collector's shelf.’
      • ‘She laments the demise of general family viewing; the kind of television shows that made her a household name.’
      • ‘I have come to realise that TV news is no longer what I consider young family viewing.’