Meaning of fan-shaped in English:



  • Having the shape of an open fan, like a segment of a circle.

    ‘a tall-growing palm with fan-shaped leaves’
    • ‘The symphony hall, with a generic-looking, fan-shaped auditorium, has just 1750 seats.’
    • ‘Each concrete pylon carries two planes of fan-shaped cables anchored to the edge girders.’
    • ‘A large fan-shaped window in the front stairwell shows the sun at daybreak illuminating dangling wisteria vines.’
    • ‘The fan-shaped Nile delta in the north, where the climate is wetter, is very fertile.’
    • ‘A fan-shaped region of debris on Mars is providing new evidence that the planet, now bone-dry, once had persistent rivers or lakes.’
    • ‘Their wings are long, broad, and rounded and their tail short, broad, and fan-shaped.’
    • ‘The Moorish mood is created by arches and pillars decorated with fan-shaped tiles.’
    • ‘Gophers clump their mounds together in tight groups, and these are flatter and fan-shaped with off-center holes.’
    • ‘The southernmost park, bordering Chinatown, has a red gateway at its entrance, fan-shaped paving stones and bamboo plantings.’
    • ‘Your lats are large fan-shaped muscles that go from your armpits to your hips and from your torso's outer border to your spine.’