Meaning of fan heater in English:

fan heater

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  • An electric heater in which a fan drives air over a hot element and back into the room.

    ‘Mr Gerrard said he and his wife arrived at the hospital after midnight to find the waiting room heated by a single fan heater situated over the door.’
    • ‘Julie said: ‘When I found out that mum and dad had been left there with just a fan heater to keep them warm in the middle of January, I phoned the emergency number at the housing department straight away.’’
    • ‘There's also a 2KW fan heater to help boost the air temperature.’
    • ‘I retire inside, to the warmth of a roaring fan heater.’
    • ‘My flatmates and I attempted to create a celebratory atmosphere by plugging in a solitary fan heater and chipping ice off the insides of the windows.’
    • ‘And so we stood, cold to the bone, miserable and huddled in turn around a small fan heater.’
    • ‘By the time we got back to our cars, we were all drenched from head to toe and ready to get in a nice in front of the fan heater.’
    • ‘Visit your local garden centre and enquire about a small thermostatically controlled greenhouse fan heater.’
    • ‘I dread to think what our electricity bill for the last week will be, as we've been heating the house with electric fan heaters…’
    • ‘Friends have brought us round electric fan heaters, which will make my bills sky high.’
    • ‘The lighting failed today as a result of us bringing too many fan heaters into the school to keep it warm.’
    • ‘She added customers were now buying fan heaters if they had a cold setting.’
    • ‘That was the year I had to run out and buy eight fan heaters to stop people fainting in our office.’