Meaning of fan letter in English:

fan letter


  • A letter sent to a famous person from one of their fans.

    ‘as a teenager I wrote him a fan letter’
    • ‘He claimed he was still getting over three hundred fan letters a week.’
    • ‘Many of the fan letters from children show that this law enforcement message made a tremendous impact.’
    • ‘Jacqueline Wilson replies to hundreds of fan letters every week.’
    • ‘I'm always delighted when I receive a fan letter from a teenaged reader (and even the occasional preteen).’
    • ‘I want to say thank you to all the fans who've stuck by me and sent me e-mails and fan letters.’
    • ‘It was a tad different from the normal fan letter asking for a signed photograph, but he was touched all the same.’
    • ‘Our mailbox had been stuffed to the brim with fan letters, and I'd had a posse of females following me from class to class.’
    • ‘However, the many fan letters and movie and television appearances attested to the fact that many people thought she was beautiful.’
    • ‘I try to answer all my fan letters but this time I put my foot down.’
    • ‘It was a very teenage fan letter about how much his music meant to me.’