Meaning of fan palm in English:

fan palm


  • A palm with large lobed fan-shaped leaves.

    Chamaerops and other genera, family Palmae: many species, including the dwarf fan palm or European fan palm(C. humilis), which is the only palm native to Europe

    ‘The Trachycarpus fortunei from China is also a fan palm but smaller than the European Fan Palm.’
    • ‘As was typical in Victorian times, palm trees were a prominent feature of the landscape, and one such lofty California fan palm, Washington filifera, soars more than 130 feet above the garden.’
    • ‘Exotic plants, such as this Mexican fan palm, are available at garden centers and home improvement stores.’
    • ‘The park encompasses 800,000 acres of prime high-desert terrain, from craggy 5,000-foot mountains to secluded canyons lined by native California fan palms that are hundreds of years old.’
    • ‘The European fan palm, Chamaerops humilis, is half hardy to frost-tender, minimum 7°C, so it might be unwise to plant this out in the garden as any frost will damage it.’