Meaning of fan worm in English:

fan worm


  • A tube-dwelling marine bristle worm with a fanlike crown of filaments that are typically brightly coloured and project from the top of the tube, filtering the water for food particles.

    Families Sabellidae and Serpulidae, class Polychaeta: numerous species, including the peacock worm

    ‘A tiny spider crab perched on a rock, and a fan worm's tentacles grabbed at passing food.’
    • ‘Fan Worms are not only beautiful additions to a reef aquarium, but are also efficient filter feeders that play an important role in a properly balanced reef system.’
    • ‘Fan Worms are marine segmented worms that are sessile, attached to rocks or sand by their base. The plume of Fan Worms can measure up to 10" in diameter on some species.’